Athletic Scholarship FAQ

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Athletic Scholarship FAQ


Where do I start when looking for an athletic scholarship?

We always recommend you start your athletic scholarship quest with a deep analysis of your skills.  Talking with coaches and referring to internet sources can give you a true insight to your “recruitability.”  Are you a DI, DII or DIII prospect?  This will help you build your target schools list, and help you initiate a coach contact plan.  You can get started with our "Getting Started on the Athletic Scholarship Road" here: Athletic Scholarships: Getting Started

How do I build my target schools list?

Building your target schools list should be done in the same manner whether you are planning to compete in college or not.   There are several key focus areas, including college/university size, location, religious affiliation, academic standing, athletic program and climate.  All of these factors are necessary to make sure you will be happy.  Recruiticus has a great series of presentations and articles for registered users on how to build out your list.

How do I know what to do and when to do it?

The athletic recruiting scholarship and recruiting process is complex, and there are many requirements.  Using a checklist for reference is key to making sure you are on track.   There are some recruiting checklists here for reference: Athletic Scholarship and Recruiting Checklists

When do I start contacting coaches?

The contact process can really begin any time during your high school athletic career.  For most athletes, it all depends on maturity and level of performance.  We typically see athletes contacting coaches during their late sophomore or junior years, but once again it all depends.  We have a free eBook on Contacting College Coaches here to guide you through the process: Contacting Coaches for Scholarships: eBook

How do I know what schools offer my sport for scholarship?

There are a great number of resources on the web for narrowing down schools that offer NCAA DI, DII or DIII sports programs.  For specific sports, use the Recruiticus School Finders in your Recruiting Resources menu.

What is the best method of contacting coaches?

Initially, fill out the recruit questionnaire on the college web site.  This gets you in the recruiting DB, and will help coaches track you over the years.  From there, email, phone and letters are great follow up mechanisms to keep in touch.  See our eBook for contacting coaches here:  Contacting Coaches for Scholarships: eBook

Are all athletic scholarships full rides?

When you look at athletic scholarships, the full ride is very rare, and for the most part, the vast majority of scholarships are partial.  For basketball and football, designated headcount sports, there are a designated number of full scholarships.  For all other sports, designated equivalency sports, the coaches can split these between multiple athletes.  

How many athletic scholarships are offered for each sport?

The numbers of scholarships vary for each and every sport, and also depend on the school division.  You can look up the number per sport and division here: Scholarship Counts for Sports


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